Social Web: The SRHR Way


South Asia has great potential to use digital media for social change. Particularly Pakistan, were it was ranked as no. 26 during 2011 (an estimate of 9% of population and 16,860,845 internet users) and is rapidly increasing every year. Almost 40% of these users are on Facebook alone. According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), more than 100 million individuals are using mobile phone and ranks 5th in Asia. There is huge potential to use social media effectively to increase awareness, campaigning and advocacy for issues related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

The SRHR Way aims to initiate a process for creating an enabling environment for the realization of SRHR in Pakistan. With a primary focus on Pakistan, the project will engage an online community to advocate for a positive impact of SRHR among young people in South Asia.


  1. Create an enabling environment for realizing Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights of Young people in South Asia
  2. Awareness raising of young people on issues related to Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights information
  3. Foster an online community by engaging young people having access to on-line resources to advocate their SRHR Rights through social media campaigning
  4. Strengthening social media component of Rutgers WPF, Pakistan

Implementation Strategy:

It aims to create an environment where access of information is easy and readily available through the use of web portal, social media tools (facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs), SMS, polls, surveys etc.; sharing information, news, opportunities for youth; competitions, articles and posts from writers, freelancers and young professionals on SRHR issues and matters, providing Information on local and global laws and policies and so on. Collaboration of SRHR organizations to contribute towards creating a social media platform is also in-process.

Target Group:

Young People, Parents, Women, and media

Geographical Outreach:

South-Asia with a special focus on Pakistan


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