Mission & Vision


The mission of Rutgers WPF Pakistan is to work for sustainable human development by promoting the reproductive health and rights of youth, women and marginalized groups by:

  • Promoting Reproductive Health and Rights (Reproductive Health and Rights) through information and education;
  • Advocating on Reproductive Health and Rights as basic Human Rights and its linkages with Poverty; among policy makers, politicians, media and the communities
  • Institutional strengthening for mainstreaming Reproductive Health and Rights:.
    • Functioning as a national/regional centre of research and expertise in Reproductive Health and Rights;
    • Facilitate Networking with national (Public & private), regional and international initiatives which have similar or complementary objectives for building Reproductive Health and Rights movement;
    • Mobilizing resources to realize the above.


Rutgers WPF Pakistan envisages a society in which all people are equally able to exercise their Reproductive Health and Rights.