Life Skills Based Education

Rutgers WPF, Pakistan provide young people with necessary knowledge and life skills, for preventing social and health problems. Life Skills Based Education also empowers them to achieving and safeguarding their Reproductive Health and Rights.

Women Empowerment

With focus on young girls and underage marriages, Rutgers WPF, Pakistan through life skills education aims to empower women to make or influence key decisions in their life.

Responsible Fatherhood

‘Green Ribbon Campaign’ an initiative taken by Rutgers WPF, Pakistan to highlight and honor the role of fathers through media awareness campaigns and community interventions.

Youth Friendly Health Services

These services offer a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services relevant to adolescents’ needs, while ensuring confidentiality, respecting young people’s evolving capacity, and celebrating diversity.

HIV & AIDS Reduction Project

The HIV & AIDS project is implemented for HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction services to Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) and their spouses and sexual partners in selected districts of Punjab and Sindh.

Safe Motherhood

By promoting safe and healthy pregnancies, Rutgers WPF, Pakistan aims to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rates.

Sexual – Gender Based Violence

Violence against women by an intimate partner has its serious implications on women’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Rutgers WPF, Pakistan aims to reduce this by community interventions and policy advocacy.


  • May 16, 2017 A Review and Reflection Forum to acknowledge the community mobilization efforts of adolescent girls (Kirans) was organized at hotel Indus, Hyderabad on 16 may 2017. The event was attended by Kirans, Teachers, Officials from Education and other relevant government departments, academia and civil society representatives. During the event kirans showcase their achievements of reaching out different community stake holders during their campaign against child marriages they also highlighted the challenges and hurdles faces as well as the mitigation strategies adopted by them. Their efforts were well and appreciated by the audience 
  • February 17 - 19, 2017 | Rutgers Pakistan conducted  a 3-days training of dance4life Heart Connection Team in Karachi from 17-19 Feburary, 2017. This training was organized for 21 selected dance4life Pakistan’s young facilitators who were certified in a previous HCT training, to increase their facilitation skills and knowledge in the ToT training so that they may in turn continue to train new HCT tour teams in Pakistan.  


  • May 7, 2015| Every year under the guidance of RutgersWPF, our implementing partners organize a youth camp. This activity is aimed at promoting the services and dispelling stigma around young people accessing these services. The solutions provided to the young people are given by trained Health Care Professionals.
  • May 17-22, 2015 | Action to Awareness (A2A) project aims at empowering young girls to take up the banner of social activism and take a stand against the menace of Child Marriages. These young activists are called "Kirans". The second training level of this project aims at generating more youth advocates while capacitating the existing Kirans to impart peer education in their respective communities.  
  • May 3, 2015 | A session on E-learning for LSBE Educators will be conducted in Quetta. The session aims to inform Educators on the significance and use of E learning.