Gender Based Violence (GBV) Programme

GBV programme integrates innovative strategies into its core programs to address gender-based violence. Because there is a direct correlation between gender based violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights, a holistic approach has been adopted with regards to GBV. GBV is a cross cutting theme that runs through all the projects of Rutgers WPF Pakistan.

GBV is actual or threatened physical, sexual, and psychological violence that occurs either within the family or in the broader community. Violence against women and girls is a violation of human rights and a major public health concern.

The objective of the GBV Programme is to prevent violence against women and girls through awareness raising at the community level and enhance the capacity of civil society organisations with regards to GBV and Reproductive Health and Rights at the national level. Currently this programme is running the following projects:

  • Gender Based Violence and Reproductive Health
  • Adolescent Girls Empowerment
  • Learning Work Trajectory
  • Organisational Effectiveness