Communication & Advocacy

Rutgers WPF’s advocacy is intended to influence policy changes at provincial and national levels to achieve large scale change with regards to sexual and reproductive health and rights of people in Pakistan, especially youth and women.

Rutgers WPF Pakistan advocates for:

Life Skills Based Education: integration of LSBE in national and provincial education curriculum. In this regard, Life Skills Based Education Policy Brief has been developed by Rutgers WPF.

Youth Friendly Health Services: provision of comprehensive and youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services. Policy Brief on Youth Friendly Health Services has been developed for this purpose.

Safe Motherhood: reducing maternal mortality and morbidity in Pakistan. The resolution supporting United Nation’s Human Rights Council’s Resolution on Preventable Maternal Mortality and Morbidity and Human Rights has been adopted by the National Assemble, Provincial Assemblies of Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Gender Based Violence (GBV): to prevent violence against women and girls through awareness raising at the community level and enhance the capacity of civil society organisations with regards to GBV and Reproductive Health and Rights at the national level. Rutgers WPF Pakistan has conducted a research study with the field support of Pakistan Gender Based Violence- Reproductive Health Network (PGRN) on “Domestic Violence against Women: Prevalence and men’s perception in PGRN Districts of Pakistan.”

Communication at Rutgers WPF is concerned with informing, and enhancing knowledge about sexual ad reproductive health and rights, internally at organisational level, and externally among various stakeholders, including youth, women and general public; partners (local & international); policy makers; donors; and media.

The Rutgers WPF Pakistan’s Advocacy and Communication departments are responsible for developing, updating and managing the implementation of Rutgers WPF’s advocacy and communication strategies. This includes advising and contributing to the development of internal and external positions, leading on the communication of Rutgers WPF Pakistan’s positions amongst key stakeholders, and coordination and monitoring of Rutgers WPF Pakistan’s advocacy and communication priorities.