Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK)

Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK): What young people want, what young people need

Access, Service and Knowledge (ASK) programme is being implemented in 7 countries (Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Indonesia and Pakistan) designed on a holistic understanding of the factors that influence young people’s Reproductive Health and Rights. ASK programme is the culmination of long-term collaboration among seven pioneers of Reproductive Health and Rights. Rutgers WPF, dance4life, IPPF, Simavi, AMREF Flying Doctors, CHOICE for young people and Child Helpline International (CHI) is engaged in the programme as a technical partner.

What is ASK?

The aim of ASK programme is to maximize the uptake of services by identifying and overcoming the barriers of access faced by young people (aged 10-24 years) with special focus on empowering vulnerable young people Through a unique combination of partners, ASK programme aims to address these factors by taking a comprehensive and inclusive approach.

ASK in Pakistan will expand and strengthen service delivery for young people in Pakistan through Extensive trainings of Healthcare providers on delivery of Youth Friendly Health Services, creating an enabling environment and ‘e’ and ‘m’ health initiatives. Through this programme young people around Pakistan will be able access Reproductive Health information and Services in safe, non-discriminatory and non-judgmental environment.

Result Areas:

  • Young people are better informed and thus able to make healthier choices regarding their sexuality
  • Increased access to SRH commodities for young people, transgender and also including the disabled people
  • Public and private clinics/facilities provide better SRH services to young people
  • Greater respect for the reproductive rights of young people and marginalized groups

Target Group:

The programme targets young people between the ages 10-24 years, especially adolescent girls and marginalized youth groups like sexual, ethnic or religious minorities, people with disabilities, sex workers, and young people living with HIV.

E & M Health Initiatives

As part of the programme outreach strategy, ‘e’ & ‘m’ health initiatives are undertaken to provide young people with authentic Reproductive Health information.

mHealth Initiative: ASK SMS Service

To provide a safe and readily accessible platform to young people, ASK programme initiated an SMS service where young people can inquire about their Reproductive Health and Rights. This service was launched in November 2014 and has gain popularity among young people across Pakistan.

eHealth Initiative:

Currently the web is engrossed with information about Reproductive Health and Rights, mostly the information present on websites are not authentic and propagate myths and taboos surrounding Reproductive Health and Rights. was developed under the Access, Services and Knowledge programme to provide and create a platform where authentic information on Reproductive Health and Rights is available. The portal caters to young people and parents with resources relevant to Reproductive Health and Rights.

Reproductive Health and Rights Helplines:

Under the ask programme, 8 helplines have been trained on handling of calls specific to Reproductive Health and Rights. Each of these Helplines provide relevant information in regards to their focus area.

  • General health and counseling services: Aman Telehealth (021-111-11-3737)
  • Family Planning: Green Star Helpline (0800-11171)
  • Legal Advice: Madadgar National Helpline (111-911-922 / 1098)
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services: Marie Stopes Society Health Helpline (0800-22333)
  • Reproductive Health services for women: Sahailee Women's Hotline (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa +92-315-9170408, Balochistan 0344-8053864)
  • Counseling Services, Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Psychological Issues: Rozan Youth Helpline (0800-22444)
  • Youth Reproductive Health issues: Rahnuma-FPAP Youth Helpline (0800-44488, for Gilgit / Baltistan 05811-920334)
  • Counseling Services for Surveyors of Violence: Bedari Helpline (0800-13536)

Geographic Coverage:

  • Gilgit Baltistan
  • Peshawar
  • Kohat
  • Islamabad
  • Chakwal
  • Lahore
  • Faisalabad
  • Multan
  • Quetta
  • Matiari
  • Karachi

Partners in Pakistan:

  • Madadgaar National Helpline
  • FPAP-Rahnuma
  • AWAZ-Center of Development Services (AWAZ-CDS)
  • Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS)
  • Participatory Integrated Development Society (PIDS)
  • Idara Taleem-o-Agahee (ITA)
  • TEXT
  • Grappetite
  • Family Education Service Foundation (FESF)
  • International Research and Development (IRD)

Youth Led Organizations working with ASK:

  • Chanan Development Association (CDA)
  • Life Savours
  • Visionary Foundation Pakistan
  • Ugood
  • KIND
  • Sindh Community Foundation

International Partners:

  • Child Helpline International (CHI)
  • dance4life
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
  • Rutgers WPF


  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs