Alliances and Memberships

At Rutgers WPF Pakistan, we believe that the civil society has a responsibility to work together for reproductive health and rights.

Rutgers WPF Pakistan is a part of a number of Alliance, all working towards the goal improve the reproductive health and rights of the people of Pakistan.

Alliances are formed to share knowledge, resources, and most importantly as a concerted effort to influence the action of government, policy masker and increase the general public’s support for these efforts.

Pakistan Alliance for Post-abortion Care (PAPAC): Pakistan Alliance for Post-abortion Care (PAPAC) is an alliance advocate for the provision of post-abortion care in health facilities throughout Pakistan.

MDG 5b Alliance: The advocacy based Alliance seeks to accelerate progress on MDG 5b - universal access to reproductive health services, and International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action, by strengthening civil society engagement to hold the government to account for its Reproductive Health and Rights commitments.

Men Engage Alliance Pakistan: The Men Engage Alliance for Gender Equality and Ending Gender Based Violence was established in Pakistan to engage men and boys in the efforts for gender equality and ending violence. The Pakistan chapter engages a growing network of NGOs, Government of Pakistan and UN agencies to prevent gender based violence through active involvement of men and boys.

Muslim Countries Group on Commission on Population and Development: The Muslim Countries Group, consisting of civil society representatives from eight countries, including Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iran and Pakistan, aims at strengthening the role of civil society in Muslim countries in promoting the ICPD agenda and supporting and holding their governments accountable.

Youth Empowerment Alliance (YEA): This alliance is collaboration between seven organizations and aims to improve the Reproductive Health and Rights of approximately 13 million youth in developing countries. Many youngsters are not allowed to make their own choices regarding their Reproductive Health and Rights, the alliance works towards empowering youth to make healthy decisions.