About Us

Rutgers WPF acknowledges the benefits of investing in young people’s development and health, including their Reproductive Health and Rights for achievement of its global aim of improving quality of life in developing countries. Rutgers WPF recognizes that programmes for young people (aged 10-24 years) are crucial to address the prevailing vulnerabilities including limited knowledge about their Reproductive Health and Rights and almost negligible access to reproductive health and rights services, our strategies are designed to address the following main areas:

  • Increased awareness on reproductive health and rights of all people especially young people (with special emphasis on women) in marginalized situations.
  • Empowered youth groups to establish healthy behaviors and make informed and responsible choices.
  • An enabling environment for diverse youth groups to easily exercise choices and rights regarding their Reproductive Health and Rights.
  • Developing and strengthening youth-friendly/life-skills friendly systems (health and education etc.) throughout the country to have a national impact.

Intervention Strategies

The contemporary issues under these priority areas are addressed through the following broad programmatic strategies:

Research – to address the major misconceptions and wider information gaps related to reproductive health and rights of youth in Pakistan and policy research for an enabling environment.
Institutional Strengthening – to act as a catalyst in strengthening and building capacities of partners in the field of reproductive health and rights of youth throughout Pakistan and setting up of Life Skills friendly communities, institutions and resource centre(s).
Advocacy – to promote evidence based structured debate and dialogue amongst a variety of stakeholders from across the country/region on issues related to reproductive health and rights of the youth of Pakistan.
Resource Mobilization – Continue to draw more donors and strategic partners into development coalitions around Reproductive Health and Rights, in order to ensure greater political and financial commitment and reduce misconceptions and gaps related to the issue of Reproductive Health and Rights in Pakistan
Organization Development - Rutgers WPF, Pakistan believes in constant capacity enhancement, effective organizational structure, capable human resources, efficient policies, systems and processes and application of Information Technology for Development (Website, Reproductive Health and Rights Portal, CD RoMs etc) to have wider outreach and impact.

Rutgers WPF also realizes the importance of partnerships in Reproductive Health and Rights sector as no organization can accomplish everything on its own. Therefore, all the strategies mentioned above are carried out in strong collaborations with government, public sector organizations, civil society organizations, media and community stakeholders etc.